If you have ordered a drink in the town of Plymouth in the past 20 years, chances are you have met Jodie Prifti.She has long blonde hair, a lovable disposition and an understanding of human nature that spans decades. It’s all the result of countless interactions with patrons who unload stories and problems, commiserate over catastrophes and bellyache over petty annoyances. She has comforted the grieving, congratulated winners, encouraged the discouraged and, yes, laughed long and hard with the hilarious.  What sets this club apart? This is a warm environment for patrons 35 and older who crave a little camaraderie, a drink  and some entertainment. Make no mistake – this is a pub and a club. Deli sandwiches and  pizzas are available to feed your hunger, but this is also the place for beer, wine and cocktails.  Prifti calls The Full Sail the “Home of the Grabba and Hamma” – proprietary blend drinks that  are hot sellers. This is also the place to hear live music on the weekends, with full bands. It’s a   positive, warm vibe, echoing the feel of the original Full Sail of days gone by.


Home of the GRABBA!!

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